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Amy Bartlett-Goodness
Contemporary Mixed Media


Art is an expressive language that connects us all. It is a language that speaks to you with its presence. Always there, always listening and tied to your heart.

Highly energetic, my work teeters on the balance between loud and calm. The internal and the external. Control and mess. Saturated colors express mood and voice, while small moments of white and clean space evoke possibility and a calming pause. My painting practice serves as a release of the ideas and inspiration that cannot be spoken. It is a way for me to organize emotions through a tactile and external process that is resolved over many sessions and revisions. I need to have paintings in process, on stand-by, available to me when I need a creative outlet. My work is intensely personal and somehow universal. This, to me is the magic of human interpretation. Sharing my work with the public is a gift that opens doors for connection and understanding, reinforcing the thread of our shared experiences. Building community through creativity is my core passion because I believe that art brings us together. 


Summertime Fling Collection
a series of square 12x12 bright, bold, energetic works that exhibit joy, freedom and play. 
$250 each

Mill Studio Arts
Gallery hours & location

Tues.-Thurs. 10-6
Every third Friday 4-8 for Biddeford Art Walk
Sat. 9-12

Closed Sunday-Monday

Summer (June-August)

Fri. 10-2 with family drop-in makers space
Sat. 10-2 with family drop-in makers space

Closed Sun. - Thurs.

Located at North Dam Mill
2 Main Street, suite 104
, Maine

how to purchase
For artwork details, pricing and for private showings, please reach out to:
(207) 229-9154


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