I'm Amy. I've been teaching art for the past 15 years. I absolutely love what I do. What can I say, art is fun!


I have yet to find an art medium that I don't want to dig into and explore. Likewise, I have yet to find a student that doesn't have a unique and special creative gift to share. My teaching career began when I took on a volunteer position offering art classes to adults living with disabilities. It was early on that I realized the therapeutic affect of creating artwork and the importance of self expression. I went non to teach in the public school setting at the middle and high school levels. I stayed in the public school setting for 9 years before I ventured out to explore art education opportunities on a community level. Working with kiddos in school allowed me to see how art could intrigue us in so many different ways. I am astounded by the diversity in the way the human brain interprets information and meaning. I fiercely believe that boosting self esteem and a sense of wonder in children will make this world a better, more beautiful place. These are my goals as a teacher, an artist and a mom. Creating art is a part of my life that I fine the most meaning in when I am sharing it with others. 

My approach to teaching kids

Each children's lesson starts with a welcome and a moment to settle into the studio environment. I lead the lesson by introducing an artist of the day and artwork to view and discuss as a group.

We warm up collaboratively, work big and get messy! New art materials are introduced and explored.  Kiddos are encouraged to develop their own composition in relation to the concepts of the day. We have a chunk of time to create and play, allowing each student time to find their flow and develop new skills. 

When artwork is completed we view and appreciate each piece. I lead the group in a critique that emphasizes beauty and individuality. We recognize personal styles, interesting ideas and new ways of seeing the world. 

My goal at the end of each lesson is for every student to feel important, proud and full of ideas for their new creation!