It's not just paint and pastels. At Mill Studio Arts we become artists together.  


Children's Art Lessons

Fuel your child's creative passion with dynamic art lessons designed to engage their innate curiosity and wonder about the world. Students will practice a variety of art making process and material each week. We get messy! We work 2-D, 3-D, small and large. At the start of each lesson we look at examples of professional artwork and critique what it could be about, how and why the artist created their work and what it means to us. Then we jump in and create! Emphasis is place on individuality and creative problem solving. Students are challenged to develop their unique talents they bring to the larger group. 


Lessons are developed and taught by a certified K-12 Visual arts teacher and align with Maine state learning standards. Whether your child is Homeschooled, publicly or privately educated, visual arts lessons will tap into an important side of your child's academic and emotional development. Creative arts bolster confidence while having fun at any age!

Inspiring and nurturing the artist in all of us.