School year schedule

The school year program begins the second week in September and ends the last week in May. Students may choose to drop in for one month at a time or continue through the entire year to experience the full curriculum. Art for Everyone is a special program that alines with art history from the first cave drawings all the way to contemporary local artists. The projects are ever changing and the concepts build as we become fluent in the development of art through time. 

Our schedule alines with the Saco public School schedule with a few exceptions. Art lessons do happen on holidays such as Labor day, Veterans day, Martin Luther King Jr. day, Presidents day and Memorial day. The following vacations are scheduled and there will be no lessons on:

November 25th - 27th

December 19th - January 1st

February 20th - 26th

April 17th - 23rd

Last day of school year program is Saturday May 28th

Stay tuned for the Summer Art Camp schedule to be posted in March!